Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cruz and Views

On an earlier post, Beth comments:

Cruz supports every way of killing people apart from abortion, he supports everything that causes abortion whether or not it is legal, he is no more pro-life than Clinton.

Sanders supports legal abortion but not killing people every other which way and not the economic policies that would guarantee mass abortions whatever the law said.

There would be much fewer abortions under and after Sanders and much more people protected from killing in general.

All very Catholic, of course.

Whereas the failed ProLife, Inc. organisations (with apologies to any company whose real name that may be), what might be called the Pro-Life Industrial Complex, need to be asked outright what has ever been achieved by their single issue shilling for the Republican Party Establishment.

That has already led them to endorse at least two pro-abortion Presidential candidates in a row, the second of whom even derived an income from its performance at the public expense that he has legalised at state level.

They are now backing a dangerous lunatic who is not only as Beth describes, but also purports to be a Southern Baptist while cavorting with Pastor Kevin Swanson (not a correct ministerial title in the different denomination that ordained him; someone needs to look into his precise status) and while applauding Glenn Beck's announcement that he, Cruz, was the fulfilment of the White Horse Prophecy, a piece of folklore about Joseph Smith which has no canonical status even within Mormonism, still less in the SBC.

To reiterate, Cruz not only believes that the US Constitution is hanging by a thread and can be saved only by the efforts of the Mormon "Priesthood rising" (all Mormon males from about puberty upwards are ordained), but he believes himself to be the instrument of that salvation, and thus the fulfilment of that prophecy. Himself.

Meanwhile, though, in the midst of this terrifying lunacy, an anonymous comment brings me this, from Arturio Garcia in 2013:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made the case for a broader progressive push in an interview with MSNBC host Ed Schultz on Friday, saying his recent sojourn into southern states showed him there was still a Democratic base in a region usually known for supporting Republicans.

“I’ve been meeting with unionists, independents, progressive Democrats,” Sanders explained via satellite from Columbia, South Carolina. 

“And they are tired of being abandoned by the national Democratic party. They want some help, and they believe that with some help they can start winning in these conservative states.”

One cause for concern, Sanders explained to Schultz, was seeing many white, working-class voters in “low-income states” like Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina voting against their own best interest.

“These are guys getting hung up on gay marriage issues,” Sanders told Schultz.

“They’re getting hung up on abortion issues. And it is time we started focusing on the economic issues that bring us together: Defending Social Security, defending Medicare, making sure that Medicaid is not cut, that veterans’ programs are not cut.”

Sanders was in South Carolina as part of a tour of southern cities in advance of upcoming budget negotiations he will be a part of, designed to help lawmakers avoid waiting until the 11th hour again before avoiding another government shutdown or risk sending the country into default. 

Schultz pointed out that nine of the Republican lawmakers tapped to be part of those talks voted against the bipartisan agreement to end the shutdown.

“How are you gonna work with them?” Schultz asked Sanders. “They were ready to allow the United States government — our country — to default on its’ debt.”

“You make the case that maybe — just maybe — they might want to be listening to what ordinary Americans are saying in overwhelming numbers,” Sanders argued.

“And not listening to the Koch brothers and other billionaires.”

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