Friday, 8 April 2016

Berning On The Rock

The Catholic Church is easily the single largest religious affiliation in New York State in general, and in New York City in particular.

Even today, that would still be more pronounced again among registered Democrats.

The Pope's invitation to Bernie Sanders to speak at the Vatican days before the New York primary could not be more pointed.

More broadly, I have long been baffled, but never more so than today, that the English Catholic papers were based in the South.

Are the German Catholic papers based in Hanover?

Today, we have been treated to, "Traditionalists like Catholic writer, Damian Thompson." Was that a joke? It was not a very funny one.

"Traditionalist Catholic writer, Damian Thompson" called the Holy Father "a diminished figure" for not liberalising.

Does "traditionalist" now just mean, in the Anglican manner, "1970s camp"?

Damian Thompson? I ask you!


  1. You are the one who now writes for the Northern Cross, David. A national Catholic paper based in the North? Why not?

    1. The BBC would still have the likes of Thompson on speed dial.

  2. Thompson knows nothing about Theology, but he moves in the right people's circles.

  3. You should be the go to guy for the BBC where the Catholic Church is concerned, not Mabel Thompson or any other Southern, public school, Tory queen who knows all about different types of lace cotta and nothing at all about doctrine.