Saturday, 16 April 2016

And That Will Be That

UKIP's only MP is a full throttle anarcho-capitalist who opposes any immigration control whatever.

The party's only purpose is withdrawal from the EU, which is either about to happen, or about to be ruled out permanently.

Either way, that is the end of UKIP, which is itself the anchor of any Right beyond Cameron.

He will be the Right of British politics, with Corbyn as the Left. The twin poles will be Blairism and Bennism.

And that will be that.

1 comment:

  1. Carswell is only against the EU free movement provision (of which Britain freely chooses to have an unusually liberal interpretation) because it does not apply to the rest of the world, too. Of a piece with his views on trade, etc.

    Ukip will take anybody opposed to the EU and that in turn has defined the "populist" Right for a decade. Either referendum result will be the end of all of them. You are right, there will be Blairite Cameron and Bennite Corbyn, and that will be politics.