Thursday 27 January 2022

Without Apology

Heaven knows why he would want it, but in order to receive the Labour whip, then Jeremy Corbyn would have to make an apology. Yet in order to receive the Labour whip, for what and to whom has Christian Wakeford apologised? He has yet to cite any specific policy reason for his defection. He has yet to recant a single vote.

The Left is going back to campaigning in communities, trade unions, and so on. But the right-wing Labour machine assumes that the Left will at least still vote to keep and restore that machine in and to the style to which it was accustomed. There is no reason to assume that. Being too busy with politics, the Left might simply not vote at all.

Shrieking about "The Tories! The Tories! The Tories!" frightens no one anymore, if it ever really did. Labour prefers them to us, anyway. The Conservative Party is the party in which Wakeford could not bear to stay. The Labour Party is the party that has welcomed him with open arms, and which intends to promote him very soon. How is the latter better than the former? How is the former worse? How, exactly?