Wednesday 26 January 2022

In His Personal Capacity

Ghislaine Maxwell has clearly been mistried, it is impossible to see how she could receive a far trial a second time, and Prince Andrew is fighting like a man who knows that he can win. That is not because he has anything much left to lose. What, exactly, does he have?

I have questioned this whole business from the start, although Maxwell would have been convicted even without the jury-packing, meaning that those who have engaged in it are particularly reprehensible.

The Jeffrey Epstein story that is of interest in Britain is his very close friendship with the extremely inexperienced politician Keir Starmer's controller, "Petie" Mandelson, who solicited a large donation to Starmer from Epstein's cell as a convicted and incarcerated paedophile.


  1. Why does Johnson never raise Petie in the House, I'd really like to know?