Wednesday 26 January 2022

Credit Where It Is Not Due

The Equality and Human Rights Commission was beyond question when it delivered its report-to-order, which anyone at all could have written, against Jeremy Corbyn. But it has now come out against gender self-identification, even if only in Scotland. What is the word on that out of Keir Starmer's cervix?

Starmer and Rachel Reeves are the reason why the Government could write off £4.3 billion of the £5.8 billion that had been stolen from its emergency Covid-19 schemes. You cannot write off no one's debt. Corbyn and John McDonnell would have asked who the lucky debtors were. Starmer and Reeves already know, and they would never dream of speaking to anyone who did not.

That understood, Reeves's Mockney accent is as tiresome as Wes Streeting's. Just as he did not speak like that when he was successfully interviewed for admission to Cambridge, so she did not speak like that the Bank of England or at the British Embassy in Washington.

Yes, both. Before Reeves's parliamentary credit card was cancelled and the debt was recovered by no longer paying out on legitimate claims, then she was both at the Bank of England and at the British Embassy in Washington. The B-team for when the electorate happened to be bored of the lineup of the A-team is well and truly back.