Friday 21 January 2022

Gone When The Morning Comes

Meat Loaf was not the novelty act that people are trying to say that he was. He had a good voice, and he knew what to do with it.

The point of popular music is to sell records by the shipload while packing venues to the roof; the clue is in the name. He did it. And he was a damn good singer with it. Is that what people dislike? Yes, and that says everything about them.

He was good actor, too. Credited even in the decidedly song-free Fight Club as Meat Loaf rather than as Michael Lee Aday, he truly inhabited the persona.


  1. "No one would have dreamt of listening to him, apart from the public."

    1. "Disguised as himself." Meat Loaf as Romain Gary. What a wide-ranging lot we are on here.