Monday 24 January 2022

The History Book On The Shelf Is Always Repeating Itself

Readers in my native Saint Helena, can you hear the laughter in the air? That is the ghost of Napoleon, as we prepare to invade Russia in the winter. What could possibly go wrong? And the moment that any of our Armed Forces entered Russia, then that would be what we would have done. We would have invaded Russia, and we could expect a robust response.

Ethnic Russians were over half the population of Kiev at the turn of the twentieth century. Their presence in Ukraine is not a product of forced Soviet resettlement. But even if it were, what of it now? It is no wonder that the people who are making this point are so fond of Svoboda, Pravy Sektor, the Azov Battalion, and all the rest. Imagine what they would really like to do to everyone who was descended from immigration to Britain since 1917.


  1. Immigration since the War, anyway. A lot of them are descended from earlier immigrants.

    1. It is inconceivable that they do not know who, say, Bandera was. They are absolutely disgraceful.