Friday 21 January 2022


In conveying the wonderful news about Britishvolt, Kwasi Kwarteng even used the word "reindustrialisation". Ian Lavery's concerns are pertinent, but perfectly easy to address.

The more electric cars, the more electric anything, the better, powered by an all-of-the-above energy policy that took full advantage of this country's vast resources, delivering heat and light at minimal cost while keeping us out of wars for oil or gas and while ensuring an all-of-the-above transport policy.

This is why we have a State. Now we just need to ensure that a Prime Minister who has become a distraction is not succeeded either by Liz Truss or by Keir Starmer.


  1. Well said, and that map is a gem.

    1. Thank you, and Labour Heartlands is a treasure trove.