Friday 28 January 2022

Neither Our Allies Nor Our Enemies

Although Ukraine is run by awful people, it is not our enemy. But how is it our ally? And while Russia is certainly not our ally, how is it our enemy? If it is, then our capital is awfully fond of Russian capital.

Take Lubov Chernukhin, who is married to a former Minister under Vladimir Putin. She has given the Conservative Party more than two million pounds, every penny of it while that party's Leader has been the Prime Minister. Christine Lee gave less than half that much to the powerless Barry Gardiner for reasons known only to herself. Yes, Chernukhin is a British citizen. So is Lee.

Liam Halligan made a hugely important point on last night's Question Time. Russia is the world's largest exporter both of energy and of grain, while Ukraine vies with Australia to be the world's largest exporter of wheat. The warmongering over Ukraine, although there is notably less warmongering in or by Ukraine, is intimately connected to our own cost of living crisis. "Why don't we produce our own energy, and as much as possible grow our own food?" Why not, indeed?