Sunday 23 January 2022

Between Bread And Freedom

Extremely recent Nazi officers were prominent among the founders of NATO and of what is now the EU. The publications of the former, in particular, depict Russia as having always been the enemy, and therefore glorify the "freedom fighters" who were in fact the collaborators with the Third Reich.

The explicit successors of those collaborators have queued up to join both NATO and the EU, and they have been welcomed with open arms, so to speak. At least until Brexit, we were subject to the legislative will of numerous of them in the Council of Ministers and in the European Parliament. We remain signed up to defend them.

One searches in vain for when or where we signed up to defend the ones in Ukraine, but here we are. Through Svoboda, Pravy Sektor, the Azov Battalion, and all the rest, NATO and the EU intend to acquire another vast territory, but one that needed to be purged of its eight million ethnic Russians, an intolerable presence inside those bodies. 

When  it came to getting rid of them, and of anyone else who might prove inconvenient, then no one could be more efficient or effective than the literal swastika-wearers who paraded the images of Stepan Bandera, Symon Petliura and Roman Shukhevych. They make no attempt to disguise who or what they are. We should take them at their word. They have certainly been as good as it, as they still are.

And yes, of course Vladimir Putin is also awful. But we are quite rightly not arming him, much less are we sending our Armed Forces to train his militias as a cynical tripwire to oblige us to join in a war that did not need to concern us in the least, what with our coal, our oil, our gas, our lithium, our nuclear power, and our renewables.


  1. Parliament is so much poorer for not having you in it during all of this.

    1. You are very kind. Let's get me in next time.