Thursday, 4 February 2021

Is Labour Still In The Race?

Keir Starmer has now suspended or expelled more Jews from the Labour Party than all of its previous Leaders put together. That party has sacked its Community Organisers, 50 per cent of whom were BAME, so that its staff is now more than 90 per cent white, as it had always been before Jeremy Corbyn.

The Forde Report has pointedly been delayed until after the local elections, which Boris Johnson ought to refuse to hold, citing Covid-19, until at least six weeks after that Report's publication, in order to give BAME communities the time to make alternative arrangements.

And all for what? Seats that returned Conservative MPs in 2019 are by definition not core Labour seats, no matter what might have gone on in them in the past. Nor are we hotbeds of racism, or at least of indifference towards it, as Starmer offensively imagines us to be.

But if Labour really did want to win us back, then it would need to stand up for the new coal mine at Whitehaven, which has been approved by the Labour-led Cumbria County Council, with the support of the Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat members. The alternative would be the eventual importation, either of all coke, or of all steel. There would be nothing patriotic about that.

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