Thursday, 4 February 2021

Intelligence and Security

A Chinese-owned television station in Chiswick could just move online. It was not on Freeview, so it would find a larger audience there than it had enjoyed hitherto, at least until Silicon Valley came after it.

If you are looking for threats to our sovereignty and security, then you should try the people who wanted us to import either all of our coke or all of our steel. You should try the people who wanted us to carry on refusing to burn our thousand years' worth of coal. You should try the people who were well into the process of criminalising criticism of a particular foreign state.

And you should try the likes of RAF Croughton, the former seat of Anne Sacoolas. That is not in fact a British airbase at all. It is where more than 200 American personnel control drone strikes from Djibouti, including on Yemen. And it is the hub of the CIA's and NSA's surveillance network across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with a plan to extend its reach across the whole of Africa.

In this day and age, then that facility could be anywhere. For example, it could be in the United States. Why does it have to be in Northamptonshire? Why does it have to be in Britain? Get Sacoolas back here to stand trial. Then kick it out. Or if Sacoolas had not been surrendered by Easter, then kick it out, anyway.

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