Thursday 25 February 2021

So Plucking The Goose

Anything is better than Question Time these days, and there has just been a reference on Newsnight to Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

Many years ago, I referred on here to how "the ultraconservative Colbert" had been a progenitor of the concept of the planned economy.

Quick as a flash, there dived in below the line the man who is trying to drag me back to court, and who proceeded to bang on about something called The Colbert Report, which I then had to look up.

He truly believed that that had been what I had meant. If it had not been for the all-women shortlist, then would he have been our MP?

Well, he might have been the Labour candidate, although it is telling that he did not have enough clout to ensure that. But he would have lost the seat as long ago as 2010. True to form, in fact.

The Colbert Report. I am still laughing at that after all these years. If he turned up to court, then I would laugh at it in his face.

At that, and at a great many other things. Including the simple fact that he had turned up.

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