Sunday 21 February 2021

Come, Mr Tally Man

Whatever Boris Johnson may say tomorrow, if this really is going to be the last lockdown, then do not expect it to be lifted this year. There only ever needed to be one lockdown, but it was lifted disastrously early in order to placate Johnson's past and future employers, with their "libertarian" and "contrarian" columns that had only ever been written as public school larks, and which had always been written from home. 

And how very well-served the Prime Minister's circle has been. It is not speculation, but a ruling of the High Court, that wildly inflated contracts for public money have been handed out to the Cabinet's mates on condition that some of the cash would make its way back to the governing party. Even then, the work was not done. As a matter of record, Boris Johnson's England is a banana republic to rank with Nicola Sturgeon's Scotland. Right down to the staggering fact that Keir Starmer is explicitly not calling for the resignation of Matt Hancock.

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