Saturday 27 February 2021

Red Eyes

Today is the anniversary of the foundation of the Labour Party in 1900, within the lifetimes of people who were alive 15 years ago. The Labour Party was founded in London, and it was founded by people like Keir Starmer. They have always run it, and they have always run it from there. They have always been its most reliable electoral bloc, whereas at least 45 per cent of the working class has always voted Conservative.

During Labour's extremely rare periods in government, they have used it to run the country, and to try and run the world; the rest of the time, they have pursued those ends by other means. Labour may have gone home to die, but it has not forgotten its roots. These are its roots. Its remnant organisation in Scotland removed its Leader on the orders of a tiny clique of individual donors, and on those same orders it has today replaced him with a scion of a dynasty that does not pay the living wage or recognise trade unions, and the head of which is currently the supreme ruler of 110 million people in the Pakistani Punjab. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that Labour has lately reiterated its absolute commitment to a mere international body and to a mere weapons system. Even a political class as insular and unresponsive as Britain's knows the truth about NATO. We have to station troops in the Baltic States as a tripwire. Russia could not then invade those States without attacking or at least endangering "Our Boys", despite having had no direct intention of doing so. It would then be politically impossible for Britain to stay out of the retaliation, whereas it would otherwise have been politically impossible for Britain to have participated in it.

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