Thursday 25 February 2021

Pointing To Oblivion

Labour is again seven points behind, on a pitiful 33 per cent to the Conservatives' all-conquering 40. Here in the North East, the figures are 29 and 43.

Across the marginal seat plantations of Wales, the North and the Midlands, the results are comparable to ours. Expect Labour MPs who were barely 60, if that, to "retire" at the next General Election.

There was plenty wrong with Jeremy Corbyn. But he was never behind Don't Know in polls of potential Prime Ministers. Nor did he ever take Labour to 14 points behind the Conservatives in the North East.

In a few weeks' time, hundreds of Labour Party stalwarts are going to lose their council seats. They had held or won those seats under Corbyn. But they are going to lose them under Starmer.

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