Monday 22 February 2021

Resigned To It All

If this were not the last lockdown, then Boris Johnson would have to resign. But he wouldn't. No one ever does. On the floor of the House of Commons, albeit virtually, Jeremy Corbyn has just called for Matt Hancock to be sacked. Johnson gave a blustering non-answer. This is what a Leader of the Opposition looks like. Except, alas, that it isn't.

Instead, we are expected to make do with Keir Starmer, who cannot demand the dismissal of Hancock because he himself presides over a political project that aspires to office purely in order to be just as crooked as the people who stole more than £10 billion of public money to hand it out to their friends and relatives in return for nothing beyond the donation of some of it to the governing party.

I really do not care which of these gangs of crooks prevails over the other one. But one of them will, and with Starmer today again behind Don't Know in polls for the voters' preferred Prime Minister, we all know which of them it is going to be. Even so, and I write as a voter in a key marginal seat, who cares?


  1. It's about time the people of this country stood up for their rights and got rid of the corrupt government, and sorry to say the supposed opposition and voted in people who actually care about us and not their off shore accounts

    1. I wish that I saw any prospect of that happening.