Tuesday, 10 November 2020

The Unexamined Life?

I have passed enough final exams that no one could accuse me of bitterness when I observe that we are probably living in the last days of them. If the final exams for two-year courses had been cancelled for two years in a row, then it would be very difficult to see how they might ever be brought back.

Scotland is a different matter, but they would have been the same exams in Wales as in England. How could the same courses be assessed in two different ways on either side of the border, and that because of a pandemic that existed in both countries?

From the first lockdown, to this summer's exams, to their results, to the second lockdown, to the extension of the furlough scheme, to free school meals in the holidays, we already know that Boris Johnson always gives in eventually. He just makes sure that he has done as much damage as possible before he gives in.

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