Thursday 26 November 2020

A Hostile Environment?

Boris Johnson was not in Parliament when it passed the Immigration Act 2014, which gave effect to the Hostile Environment policy that, having caused the Windrush scandal, has been found to have been unlawful. There are three things that he should now say about it.

First, it was a Coalition measure, so the Liberal Democrats voted in favour of it. They had three rebels, but there were far more of them in those days, and indeed their present Leader was in the Cabinet. 

Secondly, all of six Labour MPs voted against it, three of those are no longer in Parliament, and one of the other three no longer has the whip because of criticism by the same Equality and Human Rights Commission that has published this blistering report.

And thirdly, the Cabinet Minister who introduced this legislation was the then Home Secretary, Theresa May. She has been proving bothersome to Johnson of late. But if Jeremy Corbyn cannot have the Labour whip because of criticism by the EHRC, then why should May have the Conservative whip after having been so criticised?

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