Wednesday 25 November 2020

A Shameful Stain

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has found that the Hostile Environment policy that led to the Windrush scandal was unlawful. With three exceptions, everyone who was a Labour MP in 2014 and who is still serving failed to vote against that year's Immigration Act, which caused this problem.

The three were Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, and, you've guessed it, Jeremy Corbyn. When is Keir Starmer, who did not enter Parliament until 2015, going to suspend every remaining Labour MP from 2014 apart from those three? Why has he not already done so?

The public revulsion at the Windrush scandal was a prelude to next year's census returns, which are going to tell us what we already knew, that there is certainly no all-white town in the United Kingdom, that there is probably no all-white village at least in Great Britain, that this is the Britain that almost everyone prefers, and that this is the only Britain that the half of the population under 40 can remember.

Any party led by Starmer is unworthy of the support of the Black Wall, and everywhere is now on the Black Wall. I am an Independent candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election. What are you doing?

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