Friday 27 November 2020

Suicide Watch: Day 34

The two of you who are planning to drag me back to court, the Crown has been granted an adjournment because you have no case. And I am still here. What you really want is for me to commit suicide, which strongly suggests that you have been successful in that regard in the past. One of you has already spent nearly 20 years trying to bring about my death by my own hand. Every time that either of you sends the Police round, or what have you, then that is the intention.

But that will never be the effect. You have met your match in me, and you need to remember that while I am not permitted to name you here, you would be named in court if you pursued me there. You would be named in court as having tried to drive a man to suicide. Would that be good for business? Would that be good for political advancement? Would the Church see that as good for the Church? Think on.

This post will appear daily while you continued your doomed campaign to force me to take my own life. Each of you has clearly succeeded in forcing other people to take their own lives. But I say again, to each and both of you, that you have met your match in me. As one of you ought to have worked out a long time ago.

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