Sunday 29 November 2020

Up Against It

Whatever it is, they are against it. From space exploration, to a new rail link between Consett and Tyneside, the Labour Party is against it. Labour is the bitter 60-year-old in the pub, when the pub is open, already counting the days until retirement, although not even looking forward to that very much.

Dehenna Davison and Richard Holden have got the number of that Blair intake generation of Labour MPs, grasping for another three thousand pounds on top of their already enormous salaries for their last four years, but with no possibility that that might make them any less disagreeable.

And who is going to replace them? If a seat returned a Labour MP last year, then it really is safe, and today the Labour Party blithely announced that the five-year ban on people who had supported, or even been, candidates against it would not apply to those who might claim to have left it because of "anti-Semitism".

So people who stood against Labour at a General Election not yet a year ago are going to be imposed as Labour candidates for safe seats at the next General Election, once last minute peerages and payouts had been doled out to any and every old misery guts.

Meanwhile, thousands more expulsions and suspensions are openly being planned by these entryists, led as they are by a man who could not have been a member of any political party as recently as eight years ago. I am the Independent candidate for North West Durham. What are you doing?

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