Sunday 22 November 2020

Fix This

By a very wide margin, the right wing of the Labour Party is the most corrupt section of British politics. It is now back leading that party, in no small measure because it never stopped running it. And it controls, or at the very least it leads, most of the local authorities that cover the electorally crucial Red Wall seats in the House of Commons. 

There are 72 Red Wall seats, the 14 that the Conservative Party gained in 2017 and retained in 2019, and the 58 that it gained in 2019. The right-wing Labour machine will be running a candidate of its metropolitan liberal elite in most or all of them, with the votes mostly due to be counted, not by the Labour Right’s brain, but by its brawn.

If Labour took back any of the Red Wall seats, then the election would have been rigged. It is as simple as that. Those of us who have lived under the municipal Labour Right for as long as we can remember take this kind of thing in our stride. But, for the first time, it would in this case attract the attention of the people who would either be shocked by it, or would at least feel a social obligation to pretend to be so.

Therefore, an Act of Parliament needs to specify that in the area of any local authority that contained one or more of the 72 named Red Wall seats, if that authority were still controlled or led by Labour when the next General Election were called, then the conduct of the General Election would be removed to central government.

I am an Independent candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham, and out of even this Government and the present Leadership of Durham County Council, then I know which I would prefer to have counting the votes.

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