Monday 30 November 2020

CPS Watch: Day 37

Keir Starmer's Crown Prosecution Service does not deny that it is an enforcement agency of the right-wing Labour machine, and that its behaviour towards me at every point has proved that conclusively, as that behaviour continues to do.

The CPS does not deny that it corrupted the jury at my trial, and that it would do the same to any jury, or to any bench of magistrates, that might try me in future. If I were ever to be convicted of anything again, then that point would be proved.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Max Hill, does not dispute that he knows me to be innocent of the offences with which he has charged me.

His predecessor, Alison Saunders, does not dispute that she has always known me to have been innocent of the offences with which she charged me and arranged to have me convicted.

Saunders, Hill and the CPS do not dispute that they have persecuted me, and that they continue to do so, purely in order to advance their professional, political and social lives on and around the right wing of the Labour Party.

And Saunders, Hill and the CPS do not dispute that, since I am nothing special, they are certainly doing this to dozens of other people at any given time.

This post will appear daily until there is any change in the above circumstances. I am a declared and active candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election.

My imprisonment prior to the next General Election would make me the First Past the Post, just as my conviction prior to the last one would have saved my deposit. My enemies need to think on.

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