Monday, 9 November 2020

Stop The Steal

If Kamala Harris the pronoun specifier thinks that anyone can be woman merely by declaring himself to be one, then we should all be as impressed at the first female Vice President, as such, as the people on whom she will be dropping bombs are no doubt going to be.

The result has been confirmed by George W. Bush, whose name is inextricably associated with free and fair elections to the office of President of the United States. So that's all right, then.

I have no idea whether or not there has been electoral fraud. What I know, with absolute certainty, is that the kind of people who stand accused of it are the kind of people who commit it. Such allegations against them deserve to be investigated, not dismissed out of hand.

They are cheats. Look at even the official version of how Luciana Berger was selected. Look at how the present Leader of Durham County Council got the job. Look at even the official version of how Sedgefield wound up with Tony Blair, a story that is told as a funny anecdote rather than as the scandal that it would be even if it were true.

The same people still control dozens of councils along the Red Wall, from which they need to be removed before 2024, or else they will play every trick, and they know them all, to ensure the election of right-wing Labour machine candidates over the Conservatives who had picked up scores of seats in 2019.

Nor are only Conservative MPs at risk. Durham County Council covers six parliamentary constituencies, of which three are now held by Conservatives, and two by members of the Socialist Campaign Group. With those numbers, then the parliamentary pressure would have been such that the Teaching Assistants would have won. Only one MP out of six is now allied to the Council Leadership. If that still were the Council Leadership, then all the stops would be pulled out in order to remove the other five, one way or another. 

The same would be done across much of the country. Therefore, between now and 2024, it is absolutely imperative that Labour lose control of these councils. Ward by ward, vote for whoever was best-placed to defeat the Labour Party. And I am a declared and active candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election. Please give generously.


  1. They have failed to present any evidence David. In fact, all the evidence directly contradicts their claims. You say 'dismissed out of hand' but they were heard in court and presented no evidence. They said no vote checkers had been allowed in, but their own lawyers stated in court that in fact they had.

    Biden and Harris aren't great but your blog is like me going to court and saying I want someone arrested for murdering me, the court asking for evidence of this, and me having to admit I in fact am alive and so haven't been murdered, and then you saying I had been 'dismissed' and shouldn't have been because the people I say murdered me 'look like they might murder someone'.

    Can I ask why you have done this? I agree Biden and Harris are very far from perfect, but why would you go to such lengths and distort yourself to campaign for Trump?

    1. I cannot stand Trump. I am very glad that he has lost, if he has. But I am not at all glad that he has lost to this. And I would be delighted if had really beaten it, because I know all the tricks of the kind of people whom has accused. I know for a fact that they do in fact do these things. The apparent Biden victory has emboldened them. I long to see them laid low.