Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Rage Against The Machine?

Since Jeremy Corbyn's legal fund cannot be used except for a libel action against John Ware, bring on the libel action against John Ware. I do not know what Corbyn is waiting for. He would win. The Labour Party would have won that battle with its ex-staffers if Keir Starmer had not paid them off for political reasons.

Meanwhile, in a similar sign of financial probity, Croydon Council has issued a Section 114 notice. The municipal Labour Right are the people who count most of the votes cast in Britain. Unless you were prepared to hope that they were as incompetent at ballot-rigging as they were at this, and it is quite a feat for a large local authority to run out money, then, ward by ward, vote for whoever was best-placed to defeat Labour. Or prepare for a nightmare Starmer Government, no matter how people had really voted.

What would life be like under a Starmer Government? Well, as Claudia Webbe enters a Not Guilty plea, consider that Starmer's Crown Prosecution Service is already persecuting his critics the length and breadth of England and Wales. The Blairites and their less manicured allies are the permanent machine in this country. We have had Conservative Governments for the last 10 years because they have not cared for Gordon Brown, they have actively disliked Ed Miliband, they have recognised David Cameron as one of their own, and they have known no words to convey the depth of their hatred of Corbyn.

They will do anything, absolutely anything at all, to make Starmer Prime Minister. In the area of any Red Wall council that they still ran, and they still run most of them, then expect plain, old-fashioned rigging. Although they are also employing the full range of other resources at their disposal. For example, their control of the means of public prosecution. There are no doubt thousands of victims of that. I am one of them.

And I thoroughly enjoy it. The rules on standing for Parliament are far laxer than for local councils, and the machine is determined to keep me off the ballot here in super-marginal North West Durham. With a full Parliament's campaigning behind me, whereas there is still no Labour candidate, I would easily take more votes than the margin of victory. But to stop me from standing, then they would have to make sure that I was in prison at the time of the next General Election. Let's see what they intend to pull out of the hat for that one. This is all great fun. Please give generously.

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