Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A Broad Coalition?

Like Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump chose to surround himself with his fair weather friends and with his implacable enemies. Therefore, Trump never did bring back the jobs to the Rust Belt, and if he has lost, then that is the reason why. His promise of foreign policy restraint has also proved worthless from the Middle East to Latin America.

I cannot stand Trump. I am very glad that he has lost, if he has. But I am not at all glad that he has lost to this. And I would be delighted if he really had beaten it, because I know all the tricks of the kind of people that he has accused. I know for a fact that they do these things. Whereas the apparent victory of Joe Biden has emboldened them, I long to see them laid low.

That brings us to Keir Starmer, who hilariously seeks to emulate what he contends has been Biden's rebuilding of the Blue Wall. Although Biden has spent decades shipping its inhabitants' jobs to overseas sweatshops and flying their sons to sandy graves, Biden is from Scranton, which is like Consett, but on an American scale. An old steel town and its attendant old mining communities, full of Irish Catholics. Consett, but American-sized.

Does Starmer come from Consett, which is the largest town in the North West Durham constituency that is held up as the archetype of the Red Wall? Does Starmer come from anywhere like Consett? Since readers will be retorting that I am from Lanchester, does Starmer come from anywhere near a place like Consett? What insight does he have into any such community?

No, Starmer's only hope of the Premiership is that the people whom Trump has accused of ballot-rigging, a practice in which they undoubtedly engage, are the same people who still control dozens of councils along the Red Wall, from which they need to be removed before 2024, or else they will play every trick, and they know them all, to ensure the election of right-wing Labour machine candidates over the Conservatives who had picked up scores of seats in 2019.

Nor are only Conservative MPs at risk. Durham County Council covers six parliamentary constituencies, of which three are now held by Conservatives, and two by members of the Socialist Campaign Group. With those numbers, then the parliamentary pressure would have been such that the Teaching Assistants would have won. Only one MP out of six is now allied to the Council Leadership. If that still were the Council Leadership, then all the stops would be pulled out in order to remove the other five, one way or another. 

The same would be done across much of the country. Therefore, between now and 2024, it is absolutely imperative that Labour lose control of these councils. Ward by ward, vote for whoever was best-placed to defeat the Labour Party. And I am a declared and active candidate for the parliamentary seat of North West Durham at the next General Election. Please give generously.

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