Tuesday 23 October 2018

Pidcocks To That

Apologise to Laura Pidcock? I would rather die. For one thing, I made only the perfectly factual statement that MPs did not get maternity leave, and could not possibly do so, since that would leave their seats without MPs. No one is forced to stand for Parliament, and no one is forced to stay there.

If her staff are still replying to emails and chasing up casework, then good for them. But North West Durham has no representation within the parliamentary process during this, the biggest political crisis in Britain since the War. That is point here. Apologise? You must be out of your mind to ask.

Characteristically, she has sent in Ben Sellout to bat for her on Twitter. His political advice had already cost 472 Teaching Assistants 23 per cent of their pay when she appointed him as her Political Advisor. He has this sense of himself as an intimidating figure, The Enforcer. He is exactly as ridiculous as that sounds, and her appointment of him is a significant reason why she is not a fit and proper person to be a Member of Parliament.

The main such reason, however, may be read here. No, it is not by her. No, it barely refers to her, and it never mentions her by name. But ask yourself which of the things set out in it she has done, since she has already had ample time in which to do at least some of them. Ask yourself which of the things set out in it she is ever going to do. Ask yourself how much of it she could have written. Ask yourself how much of it she could have read.

Try and imagine that she might ever have heard of the Belt and Road Initiative, or Glass-Steagall, or Tynwald, or the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, or the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, or the High Court of Justiciary of Scotland, or the relationship between space exploration and fusion power, or the Ulster Institute for Social Research, or the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act, or Dorje Shugden, or Altaf Hussein, or ... well, it is a very long list.

You can't imagine it, can you? You just can't. Apologise to Laura Pidcock, indeed! On the contrary, my crowdfunding page is here, or email davidaslindsay@hotmail.com for other options. That address accepts PayPal.

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