Friday 19 October 2018

At The Core

Ah, the core supporters versus the swing voters. That one again.

Were we Northerners, left-wingers and so on predominant among Leave voters? Who knows? Although probably not.

But were we decisive in swinging the referendum for Leave, and would we be decisive of any future referendum, including on reaccession, a cause that is far from lost? Undoubtedly, yes.

We voted to reject 39 years of failure under all three parties, beginning with the Callaghan Government’s turn to monetarism in 1977, the year of my birth. Had we not done so, then Remain would have won.

We looked up our wealth and power at the point of accession in 1973, then we looked at our wealth and power in 2016, and the question answered itself. Had it not done so, then there would have been no Brexit.

Therefore, Brexit needs to suit us. Thankfully, then, another hung Parliament is coming. Our people need to hold the balance of power in it.

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  1. How many Labour MPs have pledged to #standup4brexit?

    Precisely none.

    So any Northern Leave voters who also vote Labour need to find a new party.