Friday 26 October 2018

Green Benches

I am still not a fan of #MeToo.

But there is nothing higher in the Rule of Law then the High Court of Parliament, to the proper work of which parliamentary privilege is integral and indispensable.

This would have been better coming from the House of Commons than from the House of Lords, but here we are. What an old trouper is Peter Hain. Jess who?

Philip Green will probably lose his knighthood. But he should have done that because of the BHS pension plunder. Indeed, he should never have been awarded it, such was his and his wife's tax-dodging.

As I said, I am still not a fan of #MeToo.

Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and our people need to hold the balance of power in it. My crowdfunding page is here, or email for other options. That address accepts PayPal.


  1. The Republican Party stood up to #metoo and stood up for the presumption of innocence when it confirmed Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court.

    1. That was not why they did it. They did it because he had promised Susan Collins that he would do nothing against abortion or same-sex marriage. She read out his assurance, and her party gave both her and it a standing ovation. Then that party voted to confirm him.

  2. Come on when is the so-called “Opposition” (haha) going to join the Tory Right and #standup4brexit?

    50 MPs and counting but none of them are Labour...

    1. The entire Parliamentary Labour Party is going to vote against whatever May brings back.

      50 MPs Conservative is negligible. Barely one in six, and even that will go down once the chips are.

      #What? Student politics, and not even very good student politics.