Tuesday 16 October 2018


If some crimes are "hate crimes", then what are the others? Love crimes?

It should be, and it is, illegal to assault someone, or what have you. There should be the same sentencing and so forth whether your victim was a man or a woman, black or white, whatever.

But the perception of the victim as to the motive should have no bearing on the matter. I write this as someone who is visibly both mixed-race and disabled.

Time was when this was both common sense and firmly the position of the Left. It may still be the position of the Left, if you scratch hard enough. A lot of us have had it with lifestyle liberals. Alas, though, theirs is still the common sense of the age, at least where public policy is concerned.

Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and our people need to hold the balance of power in it. My crowdfunding page is here, or email davidaslindsay@hotmail.com for other options. That address accepts PayPal.

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