Thursday 18 October 2018

Our Act Together

According to Nigel Farage, if the transition period is not over by May 2019, then the United Kingdom should continue to elect Members of the European Parliament.

It is wildly unlikely to be permitted to do. But just in case, we do need to have our act together, in order to offer representation to the people whose votes decided the EU referendum.

We voted to reject 39 years of failure under all three parties, beginning with the Callaghan Government’s turn to monetarism in 1977, the year of my birth. Had we not done so, then Remain would have won.

We looked up our wealth and power at the point of accession in 1973, then we looked at our wealth and power in 2016, and the question answered itself. Had it not done so, then there would have been no Brexit.

Therefore, Brexit needs to suit us. And so does at least some continuing representation in the European Parliament, if there is to be any.

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