Monday 22 October 2018

From Here To Maternity?

There is no such thing as maternity leave for Members of Parliament. Look it up. It does not exist. How could it? Who would be the MP for that seat during that leave?

Therefore, the MP for North West Durham is not "on maternity leave". She has simply taken herself off, on full pay, until she feels like coming back.

Since MPs are strictly and rightly forbidden to act on behalf of each others' constituents, the people of North West Durham are without parliamentary representation until further notice.

That would be bad enough under any circumstances. But during Britain's most serious political crisis since 1945, it is intolerable.

I have been politically active for five sixths of the lifetime of Laura Pidcock, but I have never previously encountered anything like her level of sheer arrogance and entitlement. 

There ought to have been a by-election at North West Durham on 30th August or on 6th September. There now needs to be one not later than 29th November, as a matter of the utmost urgency. Laura Pidcock has got to go.

My crowdfunding page is here, or email for other options. That address accepts PayPal.

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