Saturday, 10 December 2016

Peering Into The Future

"Take it? I'd bite the Queen's arm off to get it," a leading Corbynite told me this week when I jokingly asked him whether he would accept a peerage.

He loved the idea of whom it would annoy.

But 45 years ago, Tony Benn tried to tell you that what was then the utterly unreformed House of Lords, which was then a House of massively subsidised landowners, would never permit withdrawal from what he always recognised as being the EU.

And no matter how changed in the meantime, that House remains the principal obstacle to any such withdrawal.

In any form, it always will be.

But my friend would still bite the Queen's arm off to get a seat in it.

As, of course, would I.

We love the idea of whom it would annoy.


  1. Come on, you're teasing us now. You're getting a peerage?

    1. No one would be surprised if my friend did. Well, apart from the people who ought to be startled into delirium as often as possible.