Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Defending The Indefensible

The German Government is trying to present the continuation of American nuclear bases in Europe as being in America's defensive interest.

But defence against what, exactly?

With Turkey in NATO, indeed very largely the point of it, the damage is already done.

If there were any Russian threat, however, then Sweden and Finland would see any need to be in NATO, and the Baltic States would spend anything much at all on defence.

They do not believe for one second that they are under any existential threat, whatever they may say.

If they did, then they would spend on defence in the style of Israel or Cuba.

And if there is no Russian threat to them, then there is certainly none to us, never mind to the United States.

In any case, in this age of cyberwarfare, nuclear weapons are obsolete.

If you can take down the power supply to London or Moscow merely by hacking into a computer, then who needs a nuke as a weapon, and what good is it as a deterrent?


  1. The Baltic states spend nothing much in defence precisely because they rely on NATO and America to defend them.

    That was Trump's argument. That America should stop paying everyone else's defence budget and demand that-if they want Anerica's continued protection they need to start meeting NATO's commitment to defence spending.

    For too long America has been paying everyone else's defence budget while Europe spends its money on welfare.

    1. Anyone would think that they knew that there was no Russian threat. None. At all.