Sunday, 18 December 2016

"We Want Tony"?

Put him up at the next by-election, no matter where it was. After all, he is supposed to have a unique appeal to the entire country.

Why, under him, Labour would have won Richmond Park. And Labour would have won Sleaford and North Hykeham.

No matter that it never won either of those under his previous Leadership, not even before the Iraq War cost Labour a hundred seats.

Thanks to Blair, the drunken louts in the link above, people whose own constituents would struggle to name them, come overwhelmingly from those areas or from places that have never returned Labour MPs.

They are people whose own home towns would never elect them.

But they remain convinced that those towns would at least elect "Tony".

Well, put him up, then.

Unless he had already been returned by scandal-hit Glasgow East, then George Galloway has promised to contest any by-election at which Blair was a candidate.

But what is to stop Blair from also contesting Glasgow East, which, the Grim Reaper's interventions notwithstanding, is the seat most likely to become vacant in the near future?

If he were still unseated by 2020, then a return to County Durham would beckon right here in the new seat of Durham West and Teesdale.

The MP for the predominant part of this seat is retiring, and she looks likely to be succeeded by some girl out of whatever typing pool serves the Westminster Kitchen Chorus.

Of course, I shall also be contesting this seat. But I cannot imagine that that would be of the slightest interest to Blair.

Things Can Only Get Better, indeed.

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