Friday, 16 December 2016

Seating Plan

Tony Blair is younger than Jeremy Corbyn, and he is scarcely older than Theresa May.

If he is still so popular and electable, then put him up at the next by-election.

Wherever it was, since he supposedly enjoyed and enjoys so much crossover appeal. Even though he pointedly never moved from one of the safest seats in the House.

A very long time ago, Blair attempted to take a Conservative seat. He got nowhere.

But he then moved to the old Durham mining heartland (although it was not old when he arrived, it was very much still in full swing), for which the best that can be said is that he proceeded to do nothing for 24 years.

But if he could win a Conservative seat, then put him up in one. There is bound to be a vacancy soon enough. Go on. Do it.

In Darlington last Monday night, George Galloway told us that he intended to contest the Glasgow East by-election that looked, and looks, more and more likely.

But if that had not already returned him to Parliament, then he would contest any by-election by which Blair sought to re-enter the Commons, making it "The Mother of All By-Elections".

He is younger than Blair.

Bring it on.


  1. Galloway v Blair: what a choice.
    Galloway -- Islamist fellow-traveller and vile apologist for Soviets and Saddam versus Blair -- war criminal and neo-liberal corporate lackey.

    As appalling a choice as Trump v Clinton.

    1. George was anti-Saddam when the British Government was arming him. And the view that most people in the Soviet Union were better off than they are now is the view of most of them as expressed in opinion polls even only this week. They weren't in gulags, and they didn't know anyone who was. The collapse of the USSR into republics whose borders were only ever designed for internal use has created little, apart from money-making opportunities for Tony Blair. Wait and see the reaction when Gorbachev dies.

  2. Galloway is an Islamist -- plain and simple -- and a regular at the annual Al Quds day festival of anti-semitism. Like so many of his fellow travellers he can't distinguish between repugnance at Israeli actions and jew-bashing. I opposed the Iraq catastrophe and yes, frankly the collapse of the Soviet Union has been a mixed blessing. But Galloway the old Stalinist-Leninist has described its collapse in saddest day of his life-type terms. Like Hobsbawn (and apparently yourself) gulags and the slaughter of 40 million are for him just a detail of history. Face it Galloway and Blair are equally odious.

    1. We'll see which of then wins what is now an inevitable by-election. Or which of them even dares to put up.