Friday, 30 December 2016

Theresa May Not

Theresa May's Government did not abstain on United Security Council Resolution 2334.

It voted in favour.

Yet she is apparently having some kind of argument with John Kerry over it. In her own mind, anyway.

She did nothing much in six years at the Home Office. And now this.

She is just not very good, is she?


  1. A more-or-less well-known Israeli jazz musician named Gilad Atzmon was seething about this a few days ago. He even pointed out that:

    "...the Jewish Lobby here may gather it by now—their only potential ally within British politics is Jeremy Corbyn and what ever is left of the Labour party."

    You wont hear that fact reported in the MSM, or even in the fringe lunatic pro-Zion outlets like Guido or the Spectator.

    You have to wonder why not.....


    1. Indeed, you do.

      Of course, I wouldn't normally allow up something like this. But I get it fairly frequently, and this is quite mild by its standards.