Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Hopes and Fears of All The Years

The one-state solution again, after all these years? Good heavens.

And where would be in it? The Hashemites would be told to pack their bags and take their Bedouin entourage back to the Peninsula.

Thereby augmenting even further the permanent Palestinian majority in the One State, with most of the rest made up of ultra-Orthodox Jews who either liked the idea of Zionism but certainly not the practical reality of it, or else dismissed the whole concept as blasphemy and idolatry of the vilest kind.

The more or less, and in many cases fiercely, secular Zionists have only themselves to blame.

The insisted on maintaining the birthrates of white Western Europe or the American blue states, even though they knew perfectly well that no one else involved would ever have dreamed of doing any such thing.

The consequence was inevitable, and here it now is.

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