Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Paper Tigress

Why is Ann Clwyd a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee? 

She falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein was feeding people into a giant paper shredder.

That was widely repeated.

Notably by Nick Cohen, who is right up there among those who must now be drummed out of public life altogether for their role in promoting the Iraq War.

By my reckoning, there are still also around 50 Labour MPs who voted in favour of that war.

Ann Clwyd's maiden name was Lewis, and her married name is Roberts. 

But she chooses to be known by the name of an administrative unit, as if John Prescott were to call himself John Humberside. 

That administrative unit was created when she was 37, and abolished when she was 59. 

But she couldn't very well have called herself Ann Flintshire, could she? It's a Kunta Kinte thing.

And who would wish to be called Ann Mold? Does even Ann Mold wish to be called Ann Mold? I very much doubt it.

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