Wednesday, 21 December 2016

New Year's New Peers

Today's famous victory on the part of Tom Watson and David Davis calls attention to the fact that the wretched Snoopers' Charter passed the House of Lords on the combined votes of Conservatives and irreconcilable Blairites.

A comment yesterday called me a "grandee of Corbynism", the most arresting description of me since one of the University of Durham's most senior figures introduced me as "a glittering ornament" of that institution.

And I do look forward to being addressed by Jeremy Corbyn, a Spanish-speaker, as "mi Primo" (my cousin), as all grandees are entitled to be by the monarch.

But there are real grandees of Corbynism, within and beyond the Labour Party.

They can be raised to the ermine, while it is there.

Or those on the pale pink benches will continue to pass the likes of the Snoopers' Charter.

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