Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Cards Marked

Well, that was a one day wonder, if it was even that.

Everyone saw straight through the attempt to introduce identity cards under the pretext of tackling nonexistent electoral fraud.

Meanwhile, the net continues to tighten around the real electoral fraud, namely the enormous overspending by the Conservative Party in marginal seats last year.

Had the BBC ever reported that, as Channel 4 News has done in great detail, then the Government would have resigned months ago.

Not a mere change of Prime Minister. The whole lot out, and several of them into the clink.

That latter part will happen yet. In fact, it looks as if that, together with the Panama Papers, was why David Cameron resigned.

Margaret Thatcher, as she herself never tired of pointing out, was removed because of the Poll Tax. She had no time for any fig leaf about the EU.

As she bitterly said, she was brought down by a campaign organised openly, not even by the Labour Party, but by the Militant Tendency, with which for all practical purposes Conservative MPs colluded in order to get rid of her and thus save their own seats.

John Major lost in 1997 because everyone thought that there had been a recession for four and a half years by then.

His defeat had nothing to do with the Maastricht rebels, who were figures of fun and who disproportionately lost their own seats.

And it is increasingly obvious that Cameron's resignation, especially from Parliament as well, had nothing to do with the EU referendum result.

Rather, he was being found out as corrupt on at least two counts.

In 10 years' time, he will be remembered for nothing else.

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