Monday, 19 December 2016

Win For Working People

One of the leading figures in UK and world film-making, the award-wining director Ken Loach has today (Sunday) announced his support for Len McCluskey as general secretary of Unite the union. 

Ken Loach, director of what is being regarded as the film of the year, I, Daniel Blake, is widely acknowledged to be one of the most perceptive chroniclers of life and the social challenges of modern-day the UK and Ireland. 

Endorsing Len to be re-elected Unite general secretary, Ken Loach said that the union’s members’ decision would impact the lives of people across the country: 

“As a trade unionist I know that the first task of a union is to defend jobs, wages and conditions. I also know that we need a government that understands our interests if we are to succeed.

“That is why I hope Unite members will re-elect Len McCluskey.

“This is a great opportunity, with the hopes of so many in the balance. We know that the press, broadcasters and the political establishment are on the attack.

“Therefore, at this very critical time, I hope that Len McCluskey wins your support. Your decision affects us all.” 

Len McCluskey launched his campaign for re-election last week stating that he was determined to fight for the best deal for UK workers from the Brexit process, and to take on the mounting challenge of insecure, poorly paid working.

Commenting on Ken’s support for his campaign Len McCluskey said:

“I am extremely honoured to have Ken’s backing.

“He is a remarkable film-maker who has time and again held a mirror up to this country so that it can see what our politicians all too often refuse to acknowledge. 

“To have him in my corner is fantastic. 

“His call for unity in our politics will strike a chord with Unite’s members everywhere because only when we are united, as this union has been under my leadership, can we win for working people.”

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