Thursday, 8 December 2016


Being the hashtag of tonight's Twitterstorm by Durham County Council's Teaching Assistants.

In August, Mark Serwotka and two other trade union leaders signed my letter to the Northern Echo in support of the TAs.

Today, he had a heart transplant.

They are #FightingOn. He is #FightingOn. Come to that, I am #FightingOn.

They are indefatigable. He is indefatigable. And on Monday evening, the TAs' stalwart supporter, George Galloway, told me that I was "indefatigable".

The only way to guarantee that the Teaching Assistants have justice in the end is to ensure that none of the Councillors who voted against them, and who were all Labour, is re-elected in May; that all of the Independents and the Liberal Democrats are; and that the authority is thus taken to No Overall Control, with no Labour Councillor as Leader, Deputy Leader, a Portfolio Holder, or if at all possible a Scrutiny Chair.

#FightingOn, indeed, brothers and sisters. #FightingOn, indeed.

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