Thursday, 8 December 2016

A Pox On The Proxies

This ridiculous Saudi stooge, Alex Younger, speaks for the only political tendency to have murdered a member of the House of Commons since 1990.

The tendency that turns out to control the composition of the Question Time audience.

It is beyond doubt that if Thomas Mair's intended target had been a Conservative or UKIP MP, then that well-known and well-connected Far Right activist would never have been allowed anywhere near her.

Her death occurred more or less as an act of policy on the part of those who would have us believe that Jeremy Corbyn, of all people, were some kind of security risk.

Whenever you hear or read that one, then remember its spooky source, and remember the parliamentary blood that flows therefrom.

As do vast amounts of cash, not least into the pockets of many of the Labour MPs who abstained (some were legitimately absent, but far more abstained) rather than vote to condemn the British arming of the Saudi war on Yemen.

That war that has now been condemned by Boris Johnson, who ought to have the dignity to resign, a move that would deliver a body blow both to this wretched Government and to this country's wicked alliance with Saudi Arabia.

It is not difficult to distinguish between the legitimate absentees and the deliberate abstainers.

The latter ought no more to be re-elected than ought the Durham County Councillors whom the Labour Party nationally has effectively disowned, maintaining a far closer, and in fact a very close, relationship with those of us who are working to deprive them of their seats.

But it is imperative that Labour win the 2020 General Election. Therefore, those Saudi-sponsored MPs ought to be deselected.

If they are not, then candidates who, unlike them, do indeed want Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister ought to be stood against them, and ought to be elected in their stead.

Just as will be happening here in what will be this vacant seat, where I fully intend and expect to defeat whichever girl out of Tony Blair's London typing pool the Constituency Labour Party insults the electorate by inviting it to elect.

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