Tuesday, 6 December 2016

By The By-Elections

In Darlington last night, George Galloway told us that he intended to contest the Glasgow East by-election that looked more and more likely.

The whole thing was on Periscope, so it is no secret.

He also promised to contest any by-election by which Tony Blair sought to re-enter Parliament, making it "The Mother of All By-Elections".

But which will happen first?

George's ties to the Teaching Assistants would give him a readymade, and highly formidable, organisational base if Blair tried to come back to County Durham.

But if George were already the MP for Glasgow East by then, then I would stand against Blair here. And I would win.

Meanwhile, Paul Nuttall is expected to contest the by-election at Leigh, to be caused by the election of Andy Burnham as Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Nuttall would be taking a huge risk.

If he failed, which he would, then not only would he be finished, but so would UKIP.

It has fewer members than Momentum, and far fewer of those are MPs.

Its preferred candidate for President of Austria, a literal Nazi, has been defeated. Its preferred candidate for President of France, a literal Vichyite, is also going to be.

It is the electoral vehicle for the Far Right in Britain, which is the only political tendency to have murdered an MP since 1990. So much for Jeremy Corbyn's being a security risk. MI5, MI6, much of the Armed Forces, and still quite a few of the Police, need to look a great deal closer to home.

Its personification is no more coming back from America than Peter Sellers was, or than Dudley Moore was, or than James Corden is. After all, do they have gold lifts in Thanet?

The failure to win Sleaford and North Hykeham will hit UKIP hard, especially only a week after the Lib Dems' victory at Richmond Park.

Nuttall's own failure to win Leigh will pretty much finish off the party once and for all.


  1. Couldn't agree more with Peter Hitchens MOS column observation that David Davis is the greatest conservative in Parliament.

    Hitchens recalls how the left-wing BBC destroyed his Tory leadership bid, and gave us Cameron instead.

    Hitchens writes: ""It is painful to recall how Mr Davis was robbed of the Tory leadership by an alliance of media creeps and big money.

    They destroyed Mr Davis and saddled us for years with that empty vessel, David Cameron.""


    He would have been a tremendous Prime Minister.

    1. He is the film that I saw last night, George's The Killing$ of Tony Blair. And yes, he is very impressive. Although, like all of them, he is prepared to pay the Tariff-Free Access Tariff.

  2. Sadly Ukip is likely to die before the full story comes out of quite how much it crossed over with people who crossed over with people who knew Thomas Mair. He was no lone wolf. The Far Right has been lavished with coverage for a decade and now an MP is dead. But you're right, Nuttall either won't contest Leigh, which would make him ridiculous, or he'll lose there and take his whole party down with him.

  3. This week Farage is on Question Time for the thirty-second time. Alison Fuller Pedley is the Audience Producer of that programme, and a member of the British Patriotic Front Facebook group. She also promotes Britain First online. She has been known to advertise on EDL pages alone for members of the Question Time audience. Meanwhile the panel is to feature Farage yet again and has someone every week from his party with one MP, the party that Thomas Mair undoubtedly voted for and probably had very close ties to.