Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Syria: The Top 10 Lies

Neil Clark demolishes the myths that the problem is the West's failure to intervene, that the conflict is the fault of Assad and Putin, that Assad enjoys little support in Syria, that he has made no concession or shown any interest in peace, that the conflict is simply sectarian, that Assad used chemical weapons at Ghouta, that Russia and the Syrian Government have been helping IS (yes, there are some people who really do claim that), that the West is "backing the good guys", that there are seventy thousand "moderate" rebels in Syria, and that the West has humanitarian motives while Russia's are self-interested.


  1. Unfortunately, Clarke's claim-and that of John Pilger-about Milosevic has been demolished by Oliver Kamm.

    1. Nothing has ever been demolished by Oliver Kamm. Not even his own credibility. Anything that he says is by definition a lie, because he says it. The Times can no longer afford journalists, so it has to make do with him instead.

    2. Oliver Kamm, the Poundland Christopher Hitchens.

    3. I wouldn't pay that much for him. Nor, I expect, would Rupert Murdoch.