Friday, 16 September 2016

Anti Auntie

George Galloway is denouncing the publicly funded BBC's campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and its ambush of John McDonnell, right now on his radio programme.

And Ken Loach calls for the BBC to be flooded with complaints.

People who think that Owen Smith is left-wing think that the BBC is at least moderately so.

But people who know better have never laboured, so to speak, under any such illusion.

Now, they can no longer be ignored.


  1. We know the BBC is leftwing (and of course so is Owen Smith).

    Look at its unrelenting campaign against the Tory policy on grammar schools in the last week alone in complete breach of its charter obligations.

    Peter Hitchens once asked its political editor; could he think of anyone in the BBC newsroom who is in favour of the death penalty?

    Or against human rights and multiculturalism ?

    The answer was obvious.

    As Andrew Marr put it, since it hires a disproportionate number of young Arts graduates, women, ethnic minorities and gay people (recruited primarily from the jobs pages of the Guardian) it's no hardly a surprise that the BBC has a leftwing bias!