Friday, 23 September 2016

Crisis, What Crisis?

From today, I have exactly one year in which to arrange a midlife crisis.

But a prominent Corbyn activist, who was previously a considerable political insider at federal level in Canada, wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook by describing me as "a sartorial icon".

While a very young activist, of whom we shall all be hearing a great deal in the coming decades, did so by calling me "a sartorial hero".

Therefore, I cannot go losing it when I turn 40 next year. I may not do so. I must not do so. I shall not be entitled to do so.

For there are people who look to me, who rely on me, who depend upon me, to set the very tone of the Movement.


  1. You are a card, Mr. L. But which Movement are you referring to? The David Lindsay Movement? Let's face it, there is one.

  2. It's high time this seat had an MP who dressed the part.